EIGER Labs Inc. Ethernet 10 BaseT Card

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Manufacturer: Eiger Labs Inc
Caution Level: Safe
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Operating System: Windows
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Windows device driver information for EIGER Labs Inc. Ethernet 10 BaseT Card

EIGER Labs Inc. Ethernet 10 BaseT Card is an Ethernet adapter card produced by Eiger Labs Inc. Ethernet refers to a family of technologies in computer networking which are based on frames and which are used for LAN (local area networks). Ethernet is recognized as IEEE 802.3 in its standard format. It is the most popular technology for wired Local Area Networks. Ethernet stations correspond with each other through sending data packets to each other. Data packets are data blocks which are sent and presented to their destination individually. Chips and Network Interface Cards do not take up packets which are addressed to different Ethernet stations. Most adapters will come with their own universally unique address programmed into them. However, it is possible to override this so as to stop the changing of addresses where an adapter needs to be replaced or to utilize the addresses which are locally administered.

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EIGER Labs Inc. Ethernet 10 BaseT Card also uses 10BaseT. 10BaseT is a standard and one of the several Ethernet standard adaptations used in the Local Area Networks. It is also referred to as Twisted Pair Ethernet. 10BaseT uses a twisted-pair cable which has a maximum 100 meters length. This twisted-pair cable is much thinner and functions more flexibly as opposed to coaxial cable which is used for the 10Base-2 as well as the 10Base-5 standards. The cables used in the 10Base-T system links with the RJ-45 connectors. Where 12 computers or more are linked directly to the concentrator or the hub, star topology is commonly used. The operation of the 10BaseT system functions at 10 Mbps. Also, it uses baseband methods of transmission. For the EIGER Labs Inc. Ethernet 10 BaseT Card to function properly, users are advised to always ensure that they are using the latest version of the device driver as old versions can produce errors in the work of the device. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and EIGER Labs Inc. Ethernet 10 BaseT Card errors before installing any driver updates.