Elsa Ecomo Office

Category: Monitor & Video Cards
Manufacturer: ELSA
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 4.6Kb
Operating System: Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: 9 / 3.21.2004

Windows device driver information for Elsa Ecomo Office

The Elsa Ecomo office monitor driver was published by Elsa AG. It is a highly trusted file, gaining 384 downloads so far. The file size of the download is 4.6k. The download file contains one folder named ECOXXXW9.ZIP. The zipped folder contains three files: ECOMO.inf, LIESMICH.TXT and README.TXT. It is a driver for the following Elsa devices: ELSA ECOMO 531 (19 inch), ELSA ECOMO 532 (19 inch), ELSA ECOMO 640 (18 inch analog TFT-Display), ELSA ECOMO 660 (18 inch analog TFT-Display), ELSA ECOMO 660 (18 inch digital TFT-Display), ELSA ECOMO 730 (21 inch), ELSA ECOMO 850 (24 inch), ELSA ECOMO 751 (21 inch), ELSA ECOMO 750 (22 inch), ELSA ECOMO 741 (22 inch), ELSA ECOMO 330 (17 inch), ELSA ECOMO 340 (15 inch analog TFT-Display), and Elsa Ecomo Office.

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The Elsa Ecomo office is a cathode ray tube monitor. It is specially designed for home use. It has a screen size of 17 inches. The maximum resolution of the device is 1280 dots by 1024 lines. The dot pitch of the monitor is 0.25 mm. The Elsa Ecomo office measures 40.6 cm in height, 41 cm in width, and 42.5 cm in depth. It weighs 22.47 kilograms. It is available in white only. The form factor of the device is Desktop. It follows German power management standards, as well as TCO 95 standards. The Elsa Ecomo line started manufacturing in April, 1998. It is in cooperation with Sony Corporation. The company is based on Tokyo Japan. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Elsa Ecomo Office errors before installing any driver updates.