Emagic Audiowerk2, Audiowerk8

Category: Sound and multimedia
Manufacturer: Emagic
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 0.27 MiB
Operating System: Win 95A, Win 95B, Win 98, Win 98SE, Win ME, Win NT 4.0, Win 2K, Win XP, Win Server 2K3
Latest Version / Release Date: N/A / N/A

Windows device driver information for Emagic Audiowerk2, Audiowerk8

The Emagic Audiowerk2 device is a sound card that caters both digital and analog formats. The sound quality of this sound card was patterned to that of its brother model Audioworks8. The device is bundled with the “MicroLogic,” which is capable of handling twelve audio tracks a as well as unlimited MIDI tracks. This device can also work with applications such as the Waveburner compact disc burning software and ZAP which is an audio file archiving program. Avid consumers of the Emagic Audiowerk sound card line include amateur and professional musicians as well as industrial and governmental clientele. The sound cards Audiowerk 2 and 8 both can be used for voice announcement systems intended and designed for airports and train stations, temperature measurements in blast furnaces, measurement of vibrations and resonances in automobiles, and monitoring of phone lines.

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Furthermore these devices support two analog inputs and eight analog outputs, and sixteen bit converter resolution that are greater than the ninety decibel dynamic range. The cards also have support or one digital RCA input, one digital RCA output, internal or external synchronization PCI interface with bus master DMA and drivers for Windows 9x/ NT/ 2k, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X. Emagic, the manufacturer of the Audiowerk2 and 8 sound cards is involved in designing music software and hardware. The company was founded at Rellingen, Germany on July 1, 2002. Due to a lot of sales and market demands, Emagic was acquired by Apple Computer. The company was first branded as a music sequencer manufacturer named Logic that was changed to Notator, then Emagic Logic. When Emagic was turned over to Apple, it was renamed for the third time as Logic Pro. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Emagic Audiowerk2, Audiowerk8 errors before installing any driver updates.