Envision EN9110

Category: Others
Manufacturer: EPI
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 77.8 KB
Operating System: Win 95B, Win 95 A Win XP, Win Server, Win ME, Win 98 SE, Win 98.
Latest Version / Release Date: / 09 Dec 2002

Windows device driver information for Envision EN9110

Envision EN9110 is basically an inexpensive, solid 19-inch LCD that can work in both offices and homes. The screen comes with Dual analog and DVI-D inputs, which is very convenient for the user. Another impressive feature of this screen is the 1,280x 1,024 resolution, dot pitch; 0.294 mm. Envision EN9110 also has speedy 25 ms response; wall mounting (VESA) as one of its key features. One will also not need to worry about compatibility with Mac and PC as the Envision EN9110 is compatible with both. There are several colors that are associated with this LCD screen and the colors are like Titanium, Dark, Charcoal, Silver and Black. Along with the LCD screen also comes a pixel rendition of .29 dp that helps one get good pictures. When using the screen the user will only require sixty watts of power.

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It is has a great view and one can see all that is going on within the LCD screen with side to side angles of about one hundred and seventy degrees. The speed for games on this LCD screen is not bad and the color rendition will not disappoint the viewer. One can also adjust color on the Envision EN9110 screen as well. Regarding color renditioning, one will not have to worry about accuracy as it is very accurate and the user can make use of two presets as; cool and warm. If one depends on the Pantone style associated with color fixes, they can do individual R-G-B adjustments on their screen as the Envision EN9110 monitor allows this. Space will also not be an issue as the screen does not take up too much space when placed on the desktop and the overall depth of the LCD allows the user to dictate more space on their desk to important things. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Envision EN9110 errors before installing any driver updates.