Epson LQ-590 ESC/P2

Category: Printer
Manufacturer: Epson
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 828.0KB
Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
Latest Version / Release Date: 4.1 / 16 Oct 2004

Windows device driver information for Epson LQ-590 ESC/P2

Epson LQ-590 ESC/P2 is a printer that operates using the powerful 24 pin technology. The printer is able to deliver precise and reliable black and white text and graphics. Epson LQ-590 ESC/P2 offers a print speed of 529 copies per second (cps). Integrating the printer with other existing printing formats is relatively easy and this helps to increase its productivity. The Epson LQ-590 ESC/P2 printer comes with a 5 part form printing. It offers users the option to load multiple papers all at one. The printer comes with a durable printing ribbon. With such features, the Epson LQ-590 ESC/P2 printer is able to print out purchase orders, invoices and reports fast. The head life of the Epson LQ-590 ESC/P2 printer stands at 400 million characters making it ideal for use at the point of sale in stores, production as well as manufacturing settings.

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Epson LQ-590 ESC/P2 dot matrix printer comes with an easy to easy to use control panel. This allows users to change and adjust the settings on their printer in line with their needs. However, the printer also comes with configuration software that helps to simplify the setting up of the printer through the computer. In addition to USB and Parallel connections, Epson LQ-590 ESC/P2 comes with an interface card slot. This makes the printer compatible with other systems. For increased connectivity, Epson LQ-590 ESC/P2 has fast Ethernet speed. For businesses and users requiring prints that are high in quality, Epson LQ-590 ESC/P2 is the right printer for the job. What's more the printer is able to print forms that have numerous parts. Compared to other similar printers in the market, Epson LQ-590 ESC/P2 is low on the costs of operation. It comes with a three year warranty. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Epson LQ-590 ESC/P2 errors before installing any driver updates.