GeXCube RADEON 9600XT Game Buster

Category: Monitor & Video Cards
Manufacturer: ATI Technologies, Inc. (now under Advanced Micro Devices)
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 8,496Kb
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000
Latest Version / Release Date: / 07 Apr 2005

Windows device driver information for GeXCube RADEON 9600XT Game Buster

ATI Technologies introduced into the computer market the GeXCube RADEON 9600XT Game Buster as a hardware solution for animation and cinematic rendering requirements of various industries. The implementation of its device driver provides access to its Quad-Pipe architecture which is responsible for its real-time rendering functionality. It also implements a proprietary SmartShader technology which supplements the functionalities delivered by the Microsoft DirectX technology. By correctly installing its device driver, applications gain the functionality of implementing cinematic quality as well as complex lighting effects for various projects. Some of the areas that gain advantage from the introduction of this product line include the computer gaming industry, as well as video editing and animation industry. Smoother and sharper textures are achieved using SmoothVision technology which is also a proprietary function developed by ATI. Frame rates are not affected by the rendering of graphics when using the GeXCube RADEON 9600XT game Buster.

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The GeXCube RADEON 9600XT Game Buster makes use of a 128-bit floating point responsible for the precise display of billions of color variants. According to some graphics experts, the quality of effects and lighting rendered by this video graphics card is comparable to those used by some Hollywood studios. Using the AGP expansion slot, the graphics card features a full 8x data transmission speed which effectively doubles the size of the available bandwidth. The result is a more realistic gameplay which at one point was well above any product in its genre. It is equipped with 128Mb of video memory and it also supports 2x and 4x AGP transmission rates. The device driver allows the computer user to take advantage of its TV, CRT, and DVI output ports for a wider choice of display media. Its display quality depends on monitor functionality. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and GeXCube RADEON 9600XT Game Buster errors before installing any driver updates.