GigaByte Radeon X1050

Category: Other
Manufacturer: Gigabyte
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 35.8KB
Operating System: Windows XP, NT, 2000, 2003
Latest Version / Release Date: 8.421.0.0000 / 07 Sep 2010

Windows device driver information for GigaByte Radeon X1050

GigaByte Radeon X1050 is designed with various features that increase its performance levels. These features include four parallel 3D rendering pixel pipelines as well as a pair of programmable vertex shader pipelines. The device has also been fitted with PCI Express x16 lane native support which is compatible with the configurations of AGP 8x which support the external bridge chip. What is more, GigaByte Radeon X1050 is also compatible with full Microsoft Direct 9. GigaByte Radeon X1050 can be configured to different settings as preferred by the user. The 128MB DDR1 memory supports 128 bit interface, DVI+VGA+VO connectors with clock speed of about 400e/250mm. 128Mb DDR2 supports 64 bit interface, DVI+VGA+VO connectors and clock speed runs at about 325e/333m. The 256MB DDR2 on the other hand supports 128 bit interface, DVI+VGA+VO connectors with the clock speed running at about 400e/333m.

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GigaByte Radeon X1050n has full hardware compatibility with OpenGL while its hardware, accelerated by Microsoft Direct 9.0 is supports programmable vertex as well as pixel shader. The device uses SmoothVision technology which enables it to advance the quality of images. This done through smoothing out the jagged edges of the images while also enhancing their blurriness and refining the details on the background whenever settings are on on-screen motion together and the resolutions are low. The device has a catalyst controller that enables one to configure the settings and it also has a 3D image quality control. It also uses Hyper Z technology which enables enhances the performance of the hardware. The device accomplishes this by eliminating object data that are irrelevant and the end user can not see on the display. It has Z cache optimized that enables rendering of real time shadow and fast Z-Buffer Clear. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and GigaByte Radeon X1050 errors before installing any driver updates.