GKx AT Command Interface EA00

Category: System and Controllers
Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.
Caution Level: Alert
Download File Size: 32.69 MB
Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: / 4/15/04

Windows device driver information for GKx AT Command Interface EA00

The GKx AT Command Interface EA00 is a type of controller that is used in conjunction with devices like optical media drives, floppy drives, and hard disk drives among others. These devices are normally hosted on the Integrated Drive Electronics interface of the host machine. This particular connection was for a time considered as one of the more popular ways of connecting devices to a computer system until the SATA connection was implemented. This type of connection was prevalent on IBM compatible computer systems and normally allowed the connection of a master and a slave device in one data cable. The device driver for the GKx AT Command Interface EA00 allows for the launching of multiple applications using a single interface. This is consistent with the execution of programming languages that normally make use of text editors, debuggers, and compilers which are all accessed from the same menu.

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The GKx AT Command Interface EA00 is a type of built-in controller component for Integrated Device Electronics supported hardware devices. This type of connection was adopted mostly for computer systems that are geared for home usage. The choice is based on the cheaper implementation of the technology against the faster SCSI device interface. The technology supported by the device driver also requires a simpler circuitry using a host adapter card. A 40-pin ribbon cable is used to connect the supported hardware component to the motherboard port for the Integrated Device Electronics technology. The ribbon cable provides the communication layer that supports the data transfer process between the motherboard component and the actual device. The device driver allows for the implementation of additional support for the underlying operating system platform of the host personal computer machine. The implementation of the GKx AT Command Interface EA00 is also connected to the detection of driver errors during diagnostic tests. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and GKx AT Command Interface EA00 errors before installing any driver updates.