GoChip(TM) USB2.0 Flash Drive Controller

Category: USB Storage Device
Manufacturer: SigmaTel, Microsoft
Caution Level: safe
Operating System: Windows 98

Windows device driver information for GoChip(TM) USB2.0 Flash Drive Controller

The Go Chip (TM) USB2.0 Flash Drive Controller is a flash memory data storage device integrated with a Universal Serial Bus or popularly known as the USB. Flash Drive controllers are generally rewritable and removable and it is a lot smaller and much lighter compared to a floppy disk. Consumers can choose from 64 MB up to 256 GB with a standard size and price for every byte. With this device, users can copy, delete and edit files at the same time. The Go Chip (TM) USB2.0 Flash Drive offers great advantages over other storage devices because it is portable. This device consists of a small structured and designed circuit board protected inside a plastic, metal or a rubberized case. Its material is strong enough on its own so no additional casing is needed.

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Sigmatel is the manufacturer of the GoChip(TM) USB2.0 Flash Drive Controller. It is an electronics company that is headquartered in Austin, TX. They develop combined audio signal processors and controller chips for multifunction peripherals. SigmaTel was Austin's biggest IPO. Sigmatel also offers ready-to-use SOC software to drive its present and next generation portable audio and video player chips. These SOC software has supports the format translations MP3, WAV, WMA, VORBIS and on STMP37xx and 36xx SOCs, MPEG4 in AVI, WMV and a whole lot more. Audio Recording or capturing, and encoding to MP3 & WAV formats are sustained from a microphone, SigmaTel FM IC, or STFM1000 digital audio source, or line-in. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and GoChip(TM) USB2.0 Flash Drive Controller errors before installing any driver updates.