Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT2 Value

Category: Monitor and Video cards
Manufacturer: Graphtec
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 1.61 Mb
Operating System: Windows 95- Windows 98- Windows 98Se- Windows Me
Latest Version / Release Date: / Not specified

Windows device driver information for Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT2 Value

The Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT2 Value driver is one of the latest versions released among the 550e series drivers that are compatible with a wide variety of IBM computers as well as other models. The Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT2 Value card uses an interface of either AGP or PCI, whose performances vary depending on the type of computer used and the version of Windows operating system. The device requires at least 16 MB of memory and a synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM) processing speed of 125 MHz. It supports a graphic display using an NVidia RIVA TNT engine. This is enhanced by a data width of 128 bits and a maximum screen resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels. The Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT2 Value device also has a graphics for both 3D and 2D applications with an advanced video accelerator

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The Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT2 Value device has a multiplicity of product features including a maximum fill capacity of 180 m pixels per second, a wide buffer frame of 128 bits, a peak performance of six million triangles and a giant 12-kilobyte memory integrated in the chip. With an ability to perform 36 billion operations in every second and a fast pixel processing pipeline, the Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT2 Value card enables users to switch between different applications requiring different levels of screen resolution without necessarily realizing much change in display. The Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT2 Value device and its driver are optimized for use with the Direct3D API software developed by Microsoft. Its other unique features include a DirectX 6.0 support enhancement and one pass multi texture enhancement. It is also enhanced with an Anisotropic filtering mechanism that ensures high image clarity. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT2 Value errors before installing any driver updates.