HID Front Panel Driver

Category: Other
Manufacturer: Gateway
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 156.2 KB
Operating System: Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: / 10 Apr 2003

Windows device driver information for HID Front Panel Driver

The HID Front Panel Driver is used to control the front panel buttons of the Gateway 610 Media Center series of desktop computers. These front panel buttons can be found on top of gateway 610 desktop computers. These buttons include a power button, LED for power indicator, LED for hard driver activity indicator, volume buttons, channel buttons, brightness buttons and a carrying handle near the top back part of the computer. With the correct installation of the HID Front Panel Driver, these front panel buttons can be readily used by the user without glitches. The power button can be pressed to turn the computer on or off or pressed for a few seconds to set the machine to standby mode. The volume buttons can be pressed to either increase or decrease the volume and the channel buttons can be pressed for changing channels. The brightness buttons is used to increase or decrease the monitor display’s brightness level.

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On the other hand, at the top back part of the Gateway 610 Media Center desktop computer is a carrying handle that can be extended by users should they wish to move the unit. The carrying handle can be extended by pressing downwards on the handle’s top portion to release it. Once released, the handle should be lifted to its extended position. Gateway 610 Media Center desktop computers have eliminated wires and efficiently incorporated components to make units easier to setup and utilize in various locations. To achieve the all-in-one design, the computer components are placed behind the unit’s 17” flat panel (FP) display. While the sound system that uses built-in 2.1 channel speakers and a subwoofer is incorporated in the unit’s display panel. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and HID Front Panel Driver errors before installing any driver updates.