HSP56 MR (NVidia)

Category: Network and Modem
Manufacturer: ASUS
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 998k
Operating System: Windows XP/2000/2003
Release Date: April 09 2009

Windows device driver information for HSP56 MR (NVidia)

The HSP56 MR (NVidia) model is a modem driver. This driver supports Windows XP, Windows 2000 as well Windows 2003. The driver interprets data in both high and low speeds. Apart from interpretation, it also has the ability to structuring and restructuring data which is then transferred from the user's PC to the selected device or devices. The modem provides standard interfaces for the user's capability for the communication of his or her computer and any other networks. Upon restructuring, the model is programmed to analyze data then encoded and sent to the recipient. The HSP56 MR (NVidia) is designed in a way that allows it to get external power supply. The modem features Data fax particularly Plain Old Telephone system (POTS) as well as voice. The HSP56 MR (NVidia) model's is featured as having a maximum communication protocol of V.90.

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The HSP56 MR (NVidia) has high compatibility and as such is compatible with both PC as well as the Windows Operating Systems. It is categorized as being with a family type chipset of V.92 HSP Soft. The HSP56 MR (NVidia) is recognized through hardware identities such as PCI/VEN as well as WDM MODEM in which the latter has PCT0001 and PCT0003 as well. The ground and power wires that are equipped on the modem are designed to either work on a low mode or a high mode as well depending on the designed performance. This driver's latest version works with a number of drivers as well as other applications. It is also designed to work with the mouse, joysticks and also keyboards. Such drivers are aided by the Human Interface Device which has been specifically designed for them. The HSP56 MR (NVidia) is very reliable and has the capability of maintaining very high standards of performance. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and HSP56 MR (NVidia) errors before installing any driver updates.