Image Accel 2 – Super Scan Elite 21 (CM2198)

Category: Monitor and Video Card
Manufacturer: Cornerstone
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: N/A
Operating System: Windows NT4
Latest Version / Release Date: 2.03 / March 11th 2004

Windows device driver information for Image Accel 2 – Super Scan Elite 21 (CM2198)

The image Accel 2 - Super Scan Elite 802 delivers a lot more than any other big-screen monitors in the market. The Precision Focus technology enables it to be 10% sharper than the previous state of-the-art computer monitor. This makes Images to appear substantially clearer with improved brightness and color purity. The super scan Elite is Flatter than most Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT's), and even displays a more accurate image, with extremely low distortion even in the corners. The CRT has a Built-in microprocessor which enables precise control of color, white balance and screen geometry. The High-contrast, anti-glare surface is noticeably easier on the eyes. It also comes with an Easy Menu on-screen control which makes it easy to adjustment and is available in five languages. It comes with right hand side pin cushion and trapezoid adjustments. It also gives out very low emissions for operator safety and is both MPR II and CE compliant.

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This CRT is able to provide a true 1600 x 1200 resolutions on the screen which is not a simulation. The tube is one of the sharpest dot pitch monitors available with ranges of 0.22 mm horizontal dot pitch and also 0.14 mm vertical. Its video clock frequency is 211 MHz and also has a signal cable of 15 pin D-sub included. The high contrast on the monitor gives it an anti static, anti glare coat and a 367 mm x 276 mm viewable image area. Its physical dimensions include size/weight 17.6' W x 17.9'H x 18.1' D (53 lbs) including a movable tilt/swivel base. The power supply includes a 120/240 volt rating and also 50/60 Hz. 125 W. Its automatic power off feature saves energy and prolongs tube life as it complies with EPA energy star standards. It comes with three year guarantee. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Image Accel 2 – Super Scan Elite 21 (CM2198) errors before installing any driver updates.