Initio INI-9100/9100W SCSI Host Adapter

Category: System and controllers
Manufacturer: Initio
Caution Level: intermediate
Operating System: Windows DOS, 3.1, 3.2, 95, NT, Netware, SCO UNIX and UNIXware

Windows device driver information for Initio INI-9100/9100W SCSI Host Adapter

The Initio INI-9100/9100W SCSI Host Adapter is an adapter that conforms to high performance demands and compatibility in computer storage subsystems. It is a small system interface for computers, which conforms to both IDE/E and IDE standards of data transfer. The adapter has a programmed I/O, which prevents the host computer from performing other tasks when data is being transferred. As such, data transfer is faster. In the past, the inclusion of SCSI meant that, 90 percent of the CPU would be used in data transfer instead of basic computing. With IDE/E and IDE standards however, the device has achieved better multi-tasking capabilities. The SCSI's multi threading scheme in the device also means that CPU waiting time is considerably lower. The device also registers increased storage capacity in the subsystem. In addition, the Initio INI-9100/9100W SCSI Host Adapter conforms to the SCSI standard, which is the contemporary standard used by most adapter manufacturers.

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The Initio INI-9100/9100W SCSI Host Adapter can connect up to seven peripherals on the slim SCSI, while as the wider SCSI can hold up to 15 peripherals. This is unlike E-IDE, which can only hold four drives at a time. The INI-900/9100W has a technological advantage over other SCSI adapter since products withing the 9100 family use ISGE# engine. This is an engine built to accommodate lower overhead loading for all SCSI devices by Initio. The benefits of using such is that the user can access higher and efficient data transfer rates. Adapters in the 9100 family also has a compatibility advantage, which results form the manufacturers efforts at testing and certifying that the adapters can work well with major hardware and software. Supported operating systems include windows DOS, 3.1, 3.2, 95, NT, Netware, SCO UNIX and UNIXware. Updating the device drivers is necessary in order to ensure that the device functions properly. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Initio INI-9100/9100W SCSI Host Adapter errors before installing any driver updates.