Intel(R) RAID Controller SRCSASRB

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Windows device driver information for Intel(R) RAID Controller SRCSASRB

The Intel RAID Controller SRCSASRB is one of Intel first-generation RAID resolutions to utilize RAID-On-Chip (ROC) technology. The Intel SRCSASRB is also a highly supple and flexible device. The RAID Controller SRCSASRB attribute is the high-performance multiplexer or (MUX) which permits configuring of eight ports for external and internal use, or vice versa. The Intel RAID Controller SRCSASRB delivers automatic error corrections and proactive drive monitoring. It has an optional battery support that upholds data without requiring for an uninterruptible power supply. This RAID controllerfeatures eight internal 3 GB/s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) ports on two SFF8087 small connectors. The Intel RAID controller SRCSASRB is generated for low-cost and high-capacity SATA drives and high quality performance SAS disks. The RAID controller consists of collection of utilities that are frequent across multiple Intel RAID resolutions. In addition, this device is utilized for easy installation and advance management.

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The Intel RAID Controller SRCSASRB is a device, which controls the physical disk drives and presents them to the computer as logical unit. This device also executes hardware devices. The Intel RAID controller provides front–end interfaces and back–end interfaces that communicate with controlled disks including SATA, SCSI, ATA and FC. The Raid controller SRCSASRB is straightly attached to 256Mb embedded 667 MHz cache, which enhances the performance of typical applications. This device backups data redundancy by the use of SATA or SAS hard disk drives through parity, double parity, and mirroring. The manufacturer and maker of Intel RAID Controller SRCSASRB is Intel Corporation. The Intel Corporation is one of the most well known producers of innovative technology that makes people's lives more fulfilling, manageable and exciting. The Intel Corporation never stops looking for the better step ahead in technology, culture, education. It also delivers solutions with greater advantages for everyone. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Intel(R) RAID Controller SRCSASRB errors before installing any driver updates.