ITECIR Infrared Receiver (CHIP)

Category: Infrared
Manufacturer: ITE
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 112.54Kb
Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Latest Version / Release Date: Version 5.0.0004.6 / 18 Dec 2007

Windows device driver information for ITECIR Infrared Receiver (CHIP)

The ITECIR infrared receiver (CHIP) is an infrared device with a mass number of application. The Itecir Infrared Receiver is capable of getting infrared receivers from within the line-of-sight, which is generally around 20 feet and translates the signal into electrical impulses. This infrared receiver is used as an economical process of repeating IR commands when wall–mounting an IR receiver is not realistic. The ITECIR infrared receiver is made up of 38 kHz transporter frequency with the use of IR Transmitter. This infrared receiver rejects interference from plasma displays, fluorescent tube lights for accurate IR signal reception, and direct sunlight. The ITECIR infrared receiver (CHIP) is completely designed to have great resistance to various sources of infrared interference and to have excellent IR reception range. The infrared receiver (CHIP) uses a 32-56 kHz modulated square wave for communication. These infrared receivers are utilized to send out 1 to 4 kHz digital signal through infra light with the maximum attainable speed of 1000 to 4000 bits per seconds.

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The ITECIR infrared receiver (CHIP) is an infrared device which permits you to download data from your infrared receiver chip to your computer through IR transmission. The infrared receiver exports typical text format for data processing. The integrated circuit inside the chip of the infrared receiver is sensitive only around a particular frequency in the 32-56 kHz range. The output is the demodulated digital input which is normally inverted to drive the transmitter. The manufacturer and creator of ITECIR infrared receiver (chip) device is ACER Incorporation. Acer is one of the most successful electronics manufacturers in Taiwan. Acer product lineup includes laptops, desktop, storage, servers, hardware peripherals, PDA's and infrared device. This Company focuses on IT products around the world. Acer Incorporation ranks third over all for personal computers and second for notebooks. Acer is the third largest computer manufacturer that provides consumers with high–quality products. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ITECIR Infrared Receiver (CHIP) errors before installing any driver updates.