IXO 334 USB Drivers

Category: Camera
Manufacturer: Waitex
Caution Level: Safe
Operating System: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Latest Version: 334

Windows device driver information for IXO 334 USB Drivers

This is a digital camera from the Waitex Company that features 8MP and 6.7 sensor that are un upgrade as compared to the 3.3 MP sensors that were more adequate and provided a smooth and perfect rendering of images that were perfect for everyday use. These sensors require a large amount of power thus the inclusion of the rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack that helps the sensors and the competition of longer life as compared to other digital camera makers in the market. The IXO has a weather sensor that helps in choosing the perfect picture mode so as to ensure a clear and perfect image for the user. The IXO has face recognition software where the user just directs the camera and the software searches for a face so as to ensure there are no half face pictures. The face recognition software is the latest introduction into the digital camera world and the IXO is one of the few makers to provide this to its users.

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The IXO digital camera is manufactured with a 0509E34302172 serial number and comes in a compact format and comes with a single color of silver. The camera weighs a total of 172 g and has a width of 117W x 54H x 30 D which practically the average dimensions and weight of almost all digital cameras. The operating temperature of the IXO is 40 degrees centigrade and the maximum humidity of normal operation is 85%. The IXO does not come with a remote control function; the user has to go completely old school on the camera functions. the user is provided with a instruction manual and a USB cable for connectivity to any Mac and Microsoft Windows operating computer. the IXo comes with a 224 months warranty which completely covers any camera malfunction. The IXO is user friendly and all the functions are labeled and can easily be identified. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and IXO 334 USB Drivers errors before installing any driver updates.