Kensington USB Pocket Mouse LE

Category: Input Device
Manufacturer: Kensington
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 4.0MB
Operating System: Windows XP/ME/NT/98SE/2000
Latest Version / Release Date: / 16 Mar 2005

Windows device driver information for Kensington USB Pocket Mouse LE

The Kensington USB Pocket Mouse LE is a mouse that comes in a stylish compact design. It can be used on any surface and its movements are smooth and virtual. This is made possible by the Diamond Eye software which is installed in the device. It uses a USB cord that can be removed and this ensures that it does not tangle. It also makes it easy for users to travel with it freely without fear of tangling. It is created for a Macintosh and windows platform. Among its system requirements are a Macintosh OS, windows 98 or later and a USB 1.1 0r 2.0m port. It is of a plug and play mode and this makes it user friendly. It is plugged into a computer and through the USB port. This device can be used with ease both at the office and at the home. It comes in two colors, metallic silver and a stylish blue.

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This mouse comes with a scroll wheel and two buttons which make it easy for users to work through the computer's applications. It is highly accurate and operates at great speeds which make it efficient. This raises productivity and allows users to have a high output. It comes with a manufacturer's warranty of one year. The length of its USB cable is adjustable. It can be carried around with ease and this makes it ideal for mobile users. As it is an optical mouse, users are assured of increased performance and comfort. It is in a comfortable size that is well accommodated in the palm. It can be used by both right handed and left handed users. It has a weight of 1 pound and this makes it highly portable as well as ease of use on the desk top. Its drivers can be downloaded for free from It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Kensington USB Pocket Mouse LE errors before installing any driver updates.