KTFT Diagnostics Interface

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Manufacturer: KTFT
Caution Level: High
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Operating System: Windows Operating Systems
Latest Version / Release Date: N/A / N/A

Windows device driver information for KTFT Diagnostics Interface

The KTFT Diagnostics Interface is utilized in mobile phones. This diagnostic interface allows users the capability of acquiring details or troubleshooting the hardware it supports. Among the specific information that can be afforded to users by this interface are the firmware version, IMEI of hardware identity number, the version of the API or application programming interface and the hardware version. The KTFT Diagnostics Interface may likewise be utilized for testing its supported mobile phone’s condition via checking whether the module can accurately detect a SIM card that is afforded by the network service provider (NSP). Further, this diagnostic interface is capable of providing users information pertaining to the text message and phone contact list storage capacity of its supported device. Because of this feature, the KTFT Diagnostics Interface can readily and accurately test and verify the network signal levels that are available to its supported mobile phone device.

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The maker of the KTFT Diagnostics Interface is the KTFT Company. This Korean company was established in 1981 as a spinoff to the Ministry of Communications. The company has been actively involved in developing and providing users with advanced communication services. It was the first to establish an advanced broadband network in Asia and is also credited for successfully launching the 1st communication satellite in Korea known as ‘Mugunghwa’ which means Sharon’s Rose. This advancement majorly contributed in establishing Korea’s presence as one of the more advanced countries when it comes to communication and information. In the year 1997, KTFT became a corporation funded by the Korean government and so it expanded its business expertise and focused on Internet and wireless services rather than fixed telephony services only. The Company became privately owned in 2002 and focused on building broadband networks. KTFT now operates on a global scale. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and KTFT Diagnostics Interface errors before installing any driver updates.