kX 10k1 Audio - Model APS

Category: Sound and multimedia
Manufacturer: Azden Corporation
Caution Level: intermediate
Download File Size: 5.62 Mb
Operating System: Windows XP/98SE
Latest Version / Release Date: / 14 May 2002

Windows device driver information for kX 10k1 Audio - Model APS

The kX 10k1 Audio - Model APS is a wireless speaker system that is powered with a uhf transmitter that is wireless and handheld. It comes with an amplifier that has 2o watts. It has a 2-way speaker that has a shielded woofer of 5.25 inches and also has a rugged 25 Aps. It has a dispersion tweeter which is one inch wide. It can be used to provide audios which are clear and detailed for commercial, corporate and educational applications. It comes with a master tone and volume control that works in reducing echo or feedback. This device allows for system configuration in many ways as evidenced by its four inputs which are individually controlled. Multiple speakers can be used with this device whereby they are daisy chained with the speakers variable line level output. Noise can be automatically reduced on this device by the high gain mic input which shorts when none is plugged in.

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The kX 10k1 Audio - Model APS has technical specifications that include a frequency response of 65Hz and 18 kHz. It has a tone control of 6db octave sliding low pass which adds up to 3 kHz to 8 kHz and two wireless inputs with installable receivers. The infrared has two fixed frequencies. The kX 10k1 Audio - Model APS has an automatic on and off circuitry and a dual voltage. It comes with a 10ht transmitter microphone and it is C-UL, FCC and UL compliant. Users are advised to download its latest version of drivers from the manufacturer's official site. They should check their compatibility with their operating systems. This speaker can either be used while mounted on a wall, when it is free standing or mounted to a stand. It is compatible with operating systems such as windows Vista, XP and 98SE. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and kX 10k1 Audio - Model APS errors before installing any driver updates.