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Manufacturer: Echo Digital Audio Corporation
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 6.01Mb
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98
Release Date: 15 Jun 2002

Windows device driver information for Layla24

The Layla24 multi track recording system utilizes the latest generation 24-bit 96 kHz converters with 110dB dynamic distortion and range of less than .002%. Layla24 is made of heavy–duty aluminum case and mountable single space breakout box. This system consists of excellent headphone output, eight balanced analog inputs, and eight balanced analog outputs. Layla24 can hold practically any trial rate including optical S/PDIF, coaxial S/PDIF, and ADAT light pipe. Layla24 consists of 15' host cable, which can attach to the Card bus interface or PCI bus interface card for laptop. It has hardware attributes that support full duplex 16 channel in and 16 channel out operation. This device has 128x oversampling digital to analog converters and stereo headphone output with volume control. It can synchronize other devices via word, MTC, S/PDIF and ADAT. Layla24 is easy to use because it is compatible with any kinds of recording products.

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Layla24 is an electrical multi track recording system for the recreation of waves. It is built–in with digital mixer the gives less latency monitoring. Layla24 is suitable for digital computer voice recording. This system is perfect for recording task such as editing speech, general voice recording, dictation, multi – line phone call recording, multiple line voice logging and more. Layla24 can also work in voice activated or nonstop mode. It holds up single channel recording, automatic compression, transmission of recordings and encryption for amplified privacy. The manufacturer and creator of Layla24 multi-track recording system is Echo Digital Audio Corporation. Echo Digital Audio Corporation is the best manufacturer of audio software and hardware. Echo Digital Audio Corp. has been in business for 25 years. Echo creations including Layla24 have been tested and certified by most of the biggest voice recording stations in the country. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Layla24 errors before installing any driver updates.