Lexar USB JumpDrive TouchGuard

Category: USB
Manufacturer: Lexar Media Inc.
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 169.92Kb
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP1 or later , Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP4
Release Date: 17 Oct 2006

Windows device driver information for Lexar USB JumpDrive TouchGuard

The Lexar USB JumpDrive TouchGuard is a fingerprint scanner USB type flash drive device, that allows the protection of your vital data and important documents in website login information. This USB JumpDrive comes with 256 megabytes storage capacity and USB 2.0 for fast transfer of data to any port of devices. It consists of durable rubber type cap that protects the port of the device. The Lexar JumpDrive TouchGuard is a handy USB device that you can keep with you to serve as the storage for all your important files and documents. Its features ensure that your information stays private and is prevented from file corruption. The Lexar USB JumpDrive TouchGuard carries your website login information, favorite browser, and important records. It has a built-in fingerprint scanner that allows only the owner to accessany of the information stored in the USB device.

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The Lexar USB JumpDrive TouchGuard is a small, handy USB device made with fingerprint scanner to preserve owner's information secure. This device is typically detachable and rewritable, smaller than a floppy diskette and most weightless than the other storage devices. Its storage capacity ranges up to 256Mb with fixed improvement in size and price depending on the capacity. This device has compact shape, can operate faster, has tough design and can hold much more data files and information. Lexar USB JumpDrive TouchGuard can operate dependably and reliably due to their lack of moving parts. The creator and manufacturer of the Lexar USB JumpDrive TouchGuard is Lexar Media Incorporation. The Lexar Media Incorporation is one of the most comprehensive and wide–ranging memory company lines in the industry. This company presents the Lexar USB JumpDrive TouchGuard, which is tested, reliable, and of high–quality. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Lexar USB JumpDrive TouchGuard errors before installing any driver updates.