Lexmark 1020 ColorFine 2

Category: Printer
Manufacturer: Lexmark
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 1.2 MB
Operating System: Windows 98, Windows 95
Latest Version / Release Date: 1.0.0 / 05 Aug 1996

Windows device driver information for Lexmark 1020 ColorFine 2

The Lexmark 1020 ColorFine 2 printer device uses the exclusive and revolutionary Windows Printing System called ColorFine 2. This system is the sole cooperative printing system that is Windows based and available in the printer’s price range. The ColorFine 2 driver is a piece of software that is responsible for ensuring that the printer functions as expected. This unique printing system by Lexmark can implement the return to application feature instantly after carrying out a print command which in turn saves as much as 2 to 4 minutes when printing colored documents. This feature is especially useful since a lot of competitors’ printer devices in the same classification as the Lexmark 1020 ColorFine 2 printer device has the application locked out until the completion of image printing. This ColorFine 2 driver also delivers unmatched control over print quality which makes printing easy for beginners and allowing experienced users to personalize the print outputs via easy to operate visual pointing and clicking control.

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The Lexmark 1020 ColorFine 2 printer device is a high performance colored inkjet printer that delivers 600 X 300 resolution of edge sharpness for superior quality black text or graphics. It comes shipped with a superior yield and economical color cartridge that is capable of printing up to a maximum of 200 standard colored printouts and black text. The printer can also be used with black monochrome cartridges to print black and white printouts. This monochrome cartridge can accommodate around 1,300 pages in black and white. The printer also incorporates a ‘garage’ where cartridges can be placed when they are not being utilized. The Lexmark 1020 ColorFine 2 printer device also allows users to keep track of the status of the printer which includes the cartridge’s ink levels. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Lexmark 1020 ColorFine 2 errors before installing any driver updates.