LG L1960TR (Digital)

Category: Monitor & Video Cards
Manufacturer: LG
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 3.62 Mb
Operating System: Windows XP, ME, Vista, 2000 SP2, NT SP4, 98, 2000 SP1,Windows 2000 SP4, 98 SE, NT, NT SP1
Latest Version / Release Date: / 08 Sep 2009

Windows device driver information for LG L1960TR (Digital)

The LG L1960TR (Digital)is a flatiron TFT monitor, which comes in a sleek and stylish black color. LG has totally satisfied its clients demand for a wider, larger and better screen in this version of their monitor drivers, it has an aspect screen of 5:4 with a high resolution of 1,280 x 1,024.The LG L1960TR (Digital) has its controls tucked away at the side of the screen even though their buttons are touch stiff. However, what is worth noting is the power on and off switch, which is located at the base of the monitor and which is very touch sensitive making it very quick and easy to use this type of monitor driver. The LG L1960TR (Digital) has a very solid build quality which allows the panel to tilt to about twenty degrees to the back when it is on the stand and five degrees to the front. This feature enables a comfortable view angle.

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The L1960TR (Digital) 19-inch flat screen type of monitor is considered to be stylish because of its resplendent deep black color and has the ability to sit atop a well polished stand with an impressive marble finish. The monitor is easy to slot on to the stand and to set up. It comes with cable tidies at its back whose main work is to ensure that the cables are kept neat and safe thus avoid dangerous cable clatter. The Flatron L1960TR (Digital) has the F-Engine, which comes as a bonus mark since the technology enhances display modes that are meant for watching movies, text viewing and gaming including one which is user definable which manes it possible to add a vivid edge on the color in games. The display on the Flatron L1960TR (Digital) monitor is not only clean but is also impressively crisp under Windows. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and LG L1960TR (Digital) errors before installing any driver updates.