Logitech First/Pilot Mouse Serial (M34,M35,C43)

Category: Mouse
Manufacturer: Logitech
Caution Level: Safe
Operating System: Windows 2003, Windows NT 4, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98
Release Date: 01 Jul 2001

Windows device driver information for Logitech First/Pilot Mouse Serial (M34,M35,C43)

The Logitech First/Pilot Mouse Serial is an optimal type utilized for navigating and browsing on the Internet and viewing documents. The Logitech First/Pilot Mouse Serial (M34, M35, C43) can be linked to any kinds of USB port. This pilot mouse is just only an ordinary optimal mouse which is used at home, in the office and workstations. Its scroll wheel reduces repetitive motion and makes it effortless to fast scan files and Web pages. The Logitech First/Pilot Mouse is appropriate for consumers wanting to prevent tangled wires. The compact size of this mouse device makes it very appropriate and comfortable to handle for mobile users. The Logitech First/Pilot Mouse is created to be handy and easy to carry by giving it smooth surface on top ribbed rubber sides. This optimal mouse device does not need any setup application procedure.

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The Logitech First/Pilot Mouse Serial is a mouse device, which is utilized for browsing on the Internet computer application. This mouse device has a built in scroll wheel which is easy to use in navigating your Web page and scrolling the entire part of document. This mouse device is a 2.5 Ghz device with an accurate laser tracking. The Logitech First/Pilot Mouse includes switches at the underside part for advanced navigation purposes. This mouse device is much expensive than the normal optical mouse yet it is much more manageable to use. The manufacturer and distributor of the Logitech First/Pilot Mouse is Logitech First. The Logitech First is known as one of the best producers of monitor and mouse in the entire world. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Logitech First/Pilot Mouse Serial (M34,M35,C43) errors before installing any driver updates.