Logitech HID Keyboard Wheel

Category: Input Device
Manufacturer: Logitech
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 60mb
Operating System: Windows 2K/XP
Latest Version / Release Date: 4.72 / Mar-04-2009

Windows device driver information for Logitech HID Keyboard Wheel

Logitech HID Keyboard Wheel is a mouse input device that can be found comes with the keyboard mouse combination. The Logitech cordless desktop mx5000 revolution is an example of a device that comes with the keyboard wheel that lets on scroll flawlessly through documents. It connects securely to the computer via Bluetooth wireless technology. Besides it has a rapid charging stand that ensures that users do not run out of power during their operation. This Logitech HID Keyboard Wheel that come with the cordless desktop mx5000 has two buttons and a scroll wheel. This input device requires one to use their hands and to move their two fingers less than a millimeter for maximum precision. The left button is used to launch applications while the right button points and opens dynamic contents. Mean while the roller is used to scroll the pages up and down.

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The Logitech HID Keyboard Wheel that comes with the cordless desktop mx500 revolution keyboard is compatible with Microsoft windows operating system and connects to the computer using Bluetooth wireless technology. This input device installs in the program directory and uses the USB receiver to connect to 32 bit and 64 bit computer systems. This Logitech HID Keyboard Wheel input device has two buttons plus a scroll wheel. It requires the use of the hand plus two fingers to work correctly. The two buttons are for launching applications and browsing through dynamic content. But the scroll wheel goes up and down the page. This Logitech HID Keyboard Wheel input device has programmable buttons whose setting and functions can be changed to suit users needs. This device come packaged with a keyboard, Bluetooth receiver, 4AA alkaline batteries, users guide and installation software. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Logitech HID Keyboard Wheel errors before installing any driver updates.