Logitech MOMO Racing USB

Category: USB
Manufacturer: Logitech Inc
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 8.9 M
Operating System: Windows 2000/ XP/ 98/ NT 4
Latest Version / Release Date: 4.6 / 28 Apr 2005

Windows device driver information for Logitech MOMO Racing USB

The USB racing Logitech momo is a turbo charge to a persons driving with an authentic feeling as well as a precision of performance with the momo Logitech racing wheel force for feedback. It is designed by the professionals of racing at momo, the full rubber wheel with a stick sifter as well as pedals for racing makes one feel as though using the real thing. The USB racing Logitech momo has an advanced feedback force technology that is letting one to experience the roads as never tried before. It is time that one straps themselves and drive away into the adventure. The USB racing Logitech momo, has the best as well as being among the latest authentic wheel, it is very solid as well as hefty that are mounted on very large bases. The size of base is like thirteen by thirteen inches and it is incorporated with a system that has a smart grip, which keeps them from sliding a person to the carpet.

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The USB racing Logitech momo, has a small row, which consists of teeth bites that are retractable to the shag carpet as well as a rubber feet that are four in number to keep it based on the hardwood floors or the linoleum ones. It is also inclusive of the shot laden product package that are fast in setting up the instructions that are given to it, with a CD driver, a catalog of the product of Logitech as well as a data packet. With an adapter for the power that has a hardware, which is plastic mounting that securely mounts, the force wheel feedback to a persons desk. With the USB racing Logitech momo, a person can suave as much as possible and one still stays intact for it cannot slide one off while the person is busy using it, due to the rubber used on it. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Logitech MOMO Racing USB errors before installing any driver updates.