LSI Logic Mega RAID SAS 8300XLP RAID Controller

Category: Storage and Hardware drives
Manufacturer: LSI Logic Corp
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 128 MB
Operating System: Windows 2003 bit-32/ XP bit 32
Latest Version / Release Date: / 13 Aug 2007

Windows device driver information for LSI Logic Mega RAID SAS 8300XLP RAID Controller

The SAS 8300XLP mega raid is an adapter that is zero channels, which turns motherboards onboard own attached serial SCSI controller to a powerful solution of raid, which allows an easy, law cost path upgraded to the SAS RAID. With this low profile it is ideal for a person to use the intelligent PCI-X to the SAS adapter that is ideal to the 1U as well as the 2U environments of the servers. It has an integrated back up battery support of one hundred and twenty eight mega bites, as well as power of the IOP321, which is equivalent to four hundred MHz with the I/O processor. With the mega RAID 8300XLP SAS providing performance and reliability, this is unmatched. It has an interface type of PCI-X/ 133 MHz with a depth of six point six inches and a height two point five inches.

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The mega raid suite of management with the software is a spectrum that is complete of applications as well as tools that include the generation next, with a pre boot and an advanced raid online management utilities. With these new applications, which have features that consist of a variety of configurations as well as the SAS views of topology from the host of the system to the controller as well as the enclosure of the disk down to the physical and logical drive levels. With the distinguished levels of drives it usually allows the efficient configure, manage and monitor the administrators, to locally volumes of the raids or to the networks. The SAS 8300XLP mega raid is available online as well as all it features and the varieties that they have and all the detailed information that a person would need to enquire. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and LSI Logic Mega RAID SAS 8300XLP RAID Controller errors before installing any driver updates.