Lumanate Wave PAL SECAM DVBT Device

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Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corp.
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 762.7Kb
Operating System: Windows Vista 32-bit
Release Date: 08 Jan 2007

Windows device driver information for Lumanate Wave PAL SECAM DVBT Device

The Lumanate Wave PAL SECAM DVBT Device is produced and manufactured by Dell. It is a feature-rich single hybrid television tuner. The users can select from free-to-air DTV broadcasts or standard analog television, listen to the favorite FM stations as the users work or surf the Internet or transform the recorded television shows to take with the user on his portable media player. It loads the system with an entire set of media capabilities, changing the desktop computer into a digital entertainment hub for a television and video capture producing the crucial entertainment system. The single hybrid tuner presents tuning for free-to-air digital television, standard analog television and FM radio. The processing technology provides advanced 5-line 2D comb filter, motion adaptive 3D comb filter, automatic color control, automatic gain control, and noise reduction and edge enhancements. It also features a complete PVR and time shifting functionality.

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The Lumanate Wave PAL SECAM DVBT Device is a television tuner. It is a computer component that permits television signals to be received by a personal computer. The majority of the television tuners also works as video capture cards, permitting the users to record television programs onto a hard drive. Television tuners are accessible in several different interfaces like the PCI bus expansion card, PCI Express bus, PCMCIA, Mini PCI Express or USB devices. Additionally, several video cards also functions as TV tuners, particularly the ATI or All-In-Wonder series. The card has a tuner and an analog to digital converter together with the demodulation and the interface logic. Presently, there are four typed of TV tuners on the market. These are analog TV tuner, digital TV tuner, hybrid tuner and the combo tuner. The video capture cards are a class of video capture devices that is structured to connect straight into expansion slots in computers and servers. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Lumanate Wave PAL SECAM DVBT Device errors before installing any driver updates.