Category: Sound and Multimedia
Manufacturer: Antex electronics
Caution Level: Intermediate
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Windows device driver information for LX-22M

LX-22M is a sound/ audio card produced by Antex electronics. Sound cards are expansion cards which are used to assist in the input and production of audio signals either to a computer or from one under computer program control. Some of the uses of sound cards involve giving the audio component of the multimedia applications such as in composing music, the editing of video as well as audio, entertainment such as in games and educations.LX-22M is a high- end digital sound card capable of producing studio quality recording as well as playback based on the PC and is part of the popular Antex LX series. The LX-22M sound card has been designed for the digital sound workstation developers along with system integrators for broadcast automation, archiving as well as transmission systems, audio recording, video kiosks, broadcast automation and professional systems of entertainment. This card uses a PCI interface and is 32-bit card that delivers advanced performance levels.

Outdated Drivers?

Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face hardware performance issues.

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LX-22M comes with three tools of software to assist in texting as well as controlling of the sound card. One of these tools is the Antex Mixer; a potent patch bay, configuration and mixing console tool which has been designed for use together with the application software. The user can specify some particular changes to the Mixer and this will determine the audio card's manner of operation. For instance, one can use the mixer to change the audio file volume, choose the output destination as well as the input source of the audio and capture sound synchronized with video. Antex Demo is the second tool and it is used basically to test the audio cards produced by Antex and demonstrate its abilities. This allows the user to record as well as play the audio files from their hard drive. The third tool is Antex Meter which is a convenient display that is read-only and shows the audio levels on the meters which the user chooses to display. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and LX-22M errors before installing any driver updates.