Microsoft USB SideWinder Game Pad

Category: Joystick
Manufacturer: Microsoft Corp.
Caution Level: safe
Operating System: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: 1.0 3.02 / 26 Apr 2001

Windows device driver information for Microsoft USB SideWinder Game Pad

Microsoft USB SideWinder Game Pad is produced and manufactured by Microsoft. It is a game pad that sets the standard for advanced and improved game play. USB connection signifies instant plug and play set up. Its optimized and up-to-date structure gives ultimate comfort and flawless assimilation with sports, action, and racing games. The Sidewinder has long been the option of game pad for computer users for a lot of years now. It is the enhanced version of the original SideWinder which still maintains the original appearance and has been ergonomically structured to feel both comfortable and light weight in the user's hands during strong game play sessions. It features Universal Serial Bus for easy setup; eight full-action buttons reach new levels of game control with 6 main action buttons and 2 secondary choice buttons, instant reaction to directional movements with the 8-way digital D-pad and two easy-to-reach trigger buttons.

Outdated Drivers?

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The Microsoft USB SideWinder Game Pad is designed and distributed by Microsoft. This game pad makes use of a USB connection for a simple and easy plug-and-play solution. Its plug-and-play USB connection makes the set up process a no-brainer. The installation is plainly a matter of plugging the SideWinder into another USB port or hub and after which, Windows will automatically sense, detect and set up the drivers needed for the device to work. Ergonomics of the SideWinder have been thought about cautiously. Each button is set at a slight angle to suit the finger or thumb, this makes fast key pressing quick and easy with no loss of grip. A small raised bit of plastic can be located on the 'B' key. Making use of the games selection screen, the users are able to assign functions to every key. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Microsoft USB SideWinder Game Pad errors before installing any driver updates.