MultiTech MT5634ZPX-PCI

Category: Network and Modem
Manufacturer: Multitech systems Inc
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 35,328 bytes
Operating System: Windows XP/ME/Vista/98/2000/2003
Latest Version / Release Date: / Not specified

Windows device driver information for MultiTech MT5634ZPX-PCI

MultiTech MT5634ZPX-PCI is a voice, fax and data modem produced by Multitech systems Inc. As a voice modem, the MultiTech MT5634ZPX-PCI can support functions of the answering machine, provided the appropriate software is used. It can record as well as play to the wave device for windows. Also, the software for the answering machine will utilize the sound card to play as well as record on the machine. A data modem, means that this product functions in pretty much the same manner as other regular modems and as a fax modem, it means that MultiTech MT5634ZPX-PCI can permit a computer to send as well as receive faxes among other documents. The documents can be transmitted and also received from another fax modem or using a fax machine. MultiTech MT5634ZPX-PCI functions using the PCI communication bus. It is an internal modem and part of the Multitech ZPX internal modems.

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MultiTech MT5634ZPX-PCI is ideal for SOHO users as well as telecommuters. It comes with an in- built processor to improve performance along with data throughput. This modem gives increased speeds in uploads as well as faster connect times compared to the traditional V.09 modems. MultiTech MT5634ZPX-PCI features class 1.0 along with class 2.1 faxing at V.34/ 33.6 K bpd speeds; a feature that enables the modem to reduce the time required to transmit a fax by more than half in comparison to the conventional fax modems. Other features of this product include a flash memory which facilitates easy updates, V.44 compression to improve the rates of data compression and download speeds of v.92/56k as well as upload speeds of 48k when linking with the v.92 servers. This modem has global approval and can be used in many countries all over the world. Thus one modem can be used practically anywhere. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and MultiTech MT5634ZPX-PCI errors before installing any driver updates.