Nikon LS-20

Category: Scanner
Manufacturer: Nikon
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 7.8 MB
Operating System: Mac OS 9 / Mac OS X 10.2
Latest Version / Release Date: 1 / 2006-03-08.

Windows device driver information for Nikon LS-20

The Nikon LS- 20 is a high speed single pass scanner from Nikon. The scanner’s speed in scanning capacity is very high and it also has 3 color high brightness LED illuminant. The light enables finer details to be revealed in scanned images and this feature enhances the document quality. The 3 color high brightness illuminant thereby eliminates the need for Illuminant maintenance. The scanner is a standard medium size and is also light in weight. This is an advantage to the user who travels a lot because of its portability. The scanner also consumes low amounts of power and has an auto focus function. The auto focus function thereby eliminates the need for manual focusing. The Scanner has a high pixel tally of 2,592 by 3,888 and high resolution of 2,700 dots per inch. The scanner comes at a low affordable cost in relation to other related scanners in the market.

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The Nikon LS-20 scanner can be used with such programs as Adobe Photoshop. The scanner features an adaptive restoration color feature as well as a noise and grain elimination function. The scanner also has exceptional image superiority, even with default scan settings. The scanner has high-speed scanning feature of approximately 80 seconds (2,592 x 3,888 pixels) ensuring faster output with less effort. This saves on time especially for a busy office. The Nikon LS-20 Scanner also has good toner and color balances and this is achieved even without the adjustment of the default scan settings of the scanner. This in turn is advantageous to the user as it means that the high scanning rate will in turn produce high productivity. The scanner also has a color correction feature which eliminates on color mistakes. The scanner also features intelligent automatic functions which help in the adjusting process. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Nikon LS-20 errors before installing any driver updates.