NVIDIA GeForce Release 178.24 WHQL XP32

Category: Motherboard
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 84 MB
Operating System: Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP Media Center Edition
Latest Version / Release Date: 178.24 / October, 2008

Windows device driver information for NVIDIA GeForce Release 178.24 WHQL XP32

The NVIDIA GeForce WHQL XP32 version 178.24 is a driver that is used in the support of the display of Windows XP. The driver is a product from NVIDIA and it has several support attributes. Apart from having an additional support for the GeForce 9-series of GPU motherboards, it also includes fixes for several compatible applications. Other known support for the driver on Windows XP operating system are support for the 200-series, 8-series, 6-series, and 7-series GPUs plus the new releases from NVIDIA, the GeForce 9400 GT, 9500 GT, 9800 GT and the recent 9800 GTX+ GPUs. Support for CUDO and GPU over-clocking is possible plus the monitoring of temperature with the installation of the NVIDIA System Tools software. The NVIDIA GeForce WHQL XP32 version 178.24 driver can also be utilized by the NVIDIA SLI technology and single GPU on DirectX 9 and the OpenGL.

Outdated Drivers?

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Among the supporting features of the NVIDIA GeForce WHQL XP32 version 178.24 driver is the ability to accelerate the 8-series, 200-series and the 9-series GPU on 256 MB minimum of graphics due to the PhysX. The version 8.08.18 of thr PhysX System Software is found in the installation kit of the NVIDIA GeForce WHQL XP32 version 178.24 driver. With the GPU acceleration of PhysX is a number of demos and full games, the users can experience a lot more by downloading the GeForce Power Pack. This driver package has additional support for the 2-way NVIDIA SLI technology with the GeForce GTX 200-series GPUs on the motherboards of Intel D5400XS. [email protected] is also supported by this driver package for the distribution of computing application. With the inclusion of fixing a number of 3D application compatibility, the driver package has 3D performance improvements. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and NVIDIA GeForce Release 178.24 WHQL XP32 errors before installing any driver updates.