Nvidia RIVA TNT2 Pro

Category: Monitor and video cards
Manufacturer: Nvidia Corporation
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 19,531 KB
Operating System: Windows XP/2000
Latest Version / Release Date: / 06 Jan 2009

Windows device driver information for Nvidia RIVA TNT2 Pro

Nvidia RIVA TNT2 Pro is a graphics produced by Nvidia Corporation. This model is a high quality graphics processor which gives high performance for the typical PC market. RIVA processors typically use a 128-bit pipeline which enables it to sustain the computational throughput that is needed for the present as well as future applications which are graphically intensive. RIVA TNT2 is a unit for processing graphics and was first produced by Nvidia in 1999. RIVA TNT2 is also coded as NV5, being the fifth design of a graphics chip produced by nvidia. TNT means that this chip has the ability to work with two texels at a go. Nvidia RIVA TNT2 pro uses the RIVA TNT2 hub to enhance its performance and delivers processing power of 286 Mpixels. RIVA TNT2 is an integrated 128-bit 3D processor. It has a 32MB frame buffer, a color pipeline which is 32- bit and a stencil buffer which is also 32 bit. This gives high quality performance.

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Nvida TNT2 Pro is has been certified with WHQL. It is able to meet all the specifications of the mainstream computer market for graphics. It also meets the requirements of Microsoft's Pc 98 and 99 as well as all the DirectX® initiatives from 6.0 to 7.0. Other than having DirectX support, this product also gives maximum support for OpenGL® Instalable Client Driver (ICD). This product works for windows 95 and windows 98. The product delivers the greatest Direct3D® acceleration in the industry. The leadership VGA, video performance as well as DirectDraw enable RIVA TNT2 to give power to an increasing number of 3D applications which consist of great 3D games as well as a DVD playback which is full-screen. Thus the Nvidia TNT2 pro can be said to have given its users a visual experience which is miles ahead of other similar products. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Nvidia RIVA TNT2 Pro errors before installing any driver updates.