ORiNOCO PC Card (5 volt)

Category: LAN Pc card
Manufacturer: Orinoco
Caution Level: intermediate
Download File Size: 8bytes
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP
Latest Version / Release Date: 5 volts / 21 Sep 2003

Windows device driver information for ORiNOCO PC Card (5 volt)

This is a data transfer function that effectively exploits SAN environments by moving back-end and IT data transfers from data networks and communication networks. The band width of a LAN communication can be used to enhance service levels for ebd users and customers. The data transfer capabilities of a LAN are available from several companies. SANs provide an alternative path for data transfer between client and server. LAN exploits this SAN path by the enabling of client back up and restoration of data directly to and from SAN attached storage. The storage is shared between the server storage that is managed by the server. The existing LAN connection issued to exchange and control information such as meta data and policy information. The data movement utilizes the SAN to write directly to storage media. Data movement is off loaded from LAN to the server.

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LAN has a free client that communicates with the server so as to obtain and store database information. The server determines if the client is making a request to access storage data for the client for which he has a SAN path defined. If there is a defined path the data is transmitted through it. Data transfer by LAN is used by SAN tape library. The library manager manages the storage hierarchy and performs the server functions including the storage pool, reclamation, collocations and back up. Orinoco product is made by proxim, both from IEEE 802. 11b and 802. 11g standards compliant access points have been deployed. The maximum connection speed of a 802. 111b access point and the client is 11Mbps, whereas that between a 802. 11g access point and the client is mostly 54Mbs. Each access point has different response speed with the client. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ORiNOCO PC Card (5 volt) errors before installing any driver updates.