PCI Dual RS232 POS 5V

Category: Port Card
Manufacturer: CableMax

Windows device driver information for PCI Dual RS232 POS 5V

The PCI Dual RS232 POS 5V card is a two port powered card that is ideal for connecting and powering peripherals. These peripherals include printers, card readers, bar code readers, cash drawers and display units. The features of this tool include 2 RS232 Serial Ports and DC powered outputs which are protected by a resettable fuse. This is an easy to use tool because it is fully plug and play and PCI bus compliant. It also comes with sample programs, test and terminal software complete with the programs' source codes. The PCI Dual RS232 POS 5V has greater control of FIFO trigger levels and readable FIFO levels for improved transfer efficiency. It can also transmit and receive FIFO up to 128 bytes. Other features include pin-out, pin 1, GND pin 2, RXD pin 3, TXD pin 4, DTR pin 5, GND pin 6, DSR pin 7, RTS pin 8 and CTS pin 9 +5V.

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The PCI Dual RS232 POS 5V device can be configured via jumpers and silk-screened settings on PCB which can be installed in standard height or low profile chassis with provided brackets. This device can also be used to transmit and receive data at 920Kbps and 128-byte deep FIFO to the user's system. Its board contains one RS232 DB9 and one RS232 10pin RJ45 serial ports and 10pin RJ45 C DB9M Bridge cable. It is also complaint with PCI specifications, revision 3.0 and PCI Power Management Specification 1.1 32bit/33MHz and PCI host interface 3.3V/5V Operation Low Profile PCI form factor. These specifications provide low profile and regular size two brackets of RS232 (UART) serial port. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and PCI Dual RS232 POS 5V errors before installing any driver updates.