Power Shock

Category: System and Controllers
Manufacturer: Fujitsu-Siemens
Caution Level: safe
Download File Size: 56mb
Operating System: Windows XP home Edition SP2, XP professional SP2 and Tablet PC 2005
Latest Version / Release Date: 8.7.22 / 07 Oct 2009

Windows device driver information for Power Shock

The power shock device was manufactured for use in varying computer in order to house them from power shock. The device has a source frame that detects vibrations from the computer. It has a u-shaped device holding space and an inner fixed frame, which serves the same purposes as the outer frame. The device has fans that control the acoustic noise made by the machines. In addition, the device has a structure borne, which detects low frequency vibrations ion the machine. The device absorbs the torsion moments and any vibratory forces imparted by the fan motors in order to achieve effective shock absorption for the entire computing device. For efficiency purposes, more than one fan are connected to a host computer or conventional server, and a typical power-shock structure with cushions, and cylindrical bodies meant to absorb the shock provided.

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The primary objective of power shock device was to provide a computer shock-absorbing device that would shock-absorbing elements connected to interfaces on outer frames and the heat-dissipating fans in a computer, by connecting the same to u-shaped device holding spaces. The device ensures that the heat released by the cooling fans is transmitted outside the computer through the outer frame and absorbed by the various shock-absorbing elements. By doing this, the vibratory force on the computer housing declines and the noise also goes down. More importantly, the shock-absorbing elements prevent the computer's internal elements from suffering the effects of excessive vibrations. The power shock device is a complicated device that has components that absorb computer vibration, fan modules, heat-dissipating devices, fan frame fixing mechanism, vibration isolation structure among others. The hardware component must contain hard disk with a minimum capacity of 5 megabytes. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Power Shock errors before installing any driver updates.