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Operating System: Windows 95-98-98Se-Me-NT4-2000-XP-Vista
Latest Version: PR-1430SL

Windows device driver information for PR-1430SL

The PR-1430SL is a CRT monitor. CRT is the acronym for cathode ray tubes which defines the technology taking place inside an analog computer monitor. Generally speaking, the PR-1430SL CRT monitor builds an image or a picture out of a lot of rows or lines of little colored dots. These are technically different from pixels, but the terms are most of the time used interchangeably. The greater the lines of dots per inch, the clearer and greater the resolution is. In conclusion, a 1024 x 768 resolution will be sharper than an 800 x 600 resolution because it makes use of more lines making it denser and more detailed. Greater resolutions are significant for projecting the delicate aspect of graphics. Inside a CRT monitor is a picture tube that are contracted at the stern into a bottle neck. Inside the bottleneck is a negatively charged cathode or filament enclosed in a vacuum. The filament heats up and a ray of electrons gives out the element into the vacuum when electricity is supplied.

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The PR-1430SL is a CRT monitor is manufactured by TTX Computer Products. Its most significant characteristic is that it is capable of providing a constant and steady display at the selected color palette and resolution. The performance characteristics of this monitor are coordinated with the graphics card managing it. The resolution of this CRT monitor is the amount of pixels the graphic card relays to the computer, expressed as a horizontal by a vertical figure. The refresh rate or vertical scanning frequency of the PR-1430SL monitor is calculated in Hertz. This characterizes the number of frames projected on the screen every second. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and PR-1430SL errors before installing any driver updates.