Premium Tilt Wheel (HID)

Category: Input Device
Manufacturer: Dell Corporation
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 33 M
Operating System: Windows XP/XP AMD
Latest Version / Release Date: Not specified / 06 May 2010

Windows device driver information for Premium Tilt Wheel (HID)

Premium Tilt Wheel (HID) is a human interface device produced by Dell Corporation. A human interface device is abbreviated as HID. It refers to computer devices which interact with humans directly, typically through an input form. Mostly, HID implies the USB-HID specification. USB- HID simply means that the device can be linked to the personal computer through a USB interface. Human Interface devices were developed to facilitate innovation in the PC input devices and also to simplify the installation process for these input devices. Examples of such devices include keyboards, joysticks along with mice. Primary Tilt Wheel exists in the form of a mouse and is referred to as the Premium Tilt Wheel Mouse. All HID appliances convey packages that are self describing and contain an endless variety of formats along with data types. It is quite easy to innovate using a HID device.

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It is worth noting that just one HID driver located on the computer is able to parse the data and facilitate dynamic data I/O association with the application functionality. For this reason, human interface devices have rapidly developed. Many of the operating systems can identify the standard, HID devices such as the mouse or the keyboard without having to use a special driver. Two entities can be found on the HID protocol. These are the device as well as the host. The device refers to the appliance interacting directly with humans whereas the host is that entity which corresponds with the device and can obtain the device's input data garnered from the human actions. Output data is transferred from the host to the appliance after which it is transmitted to the human. Other than USB, HID can use other communication protocols such as Bluetooth and serial. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Premium Tilt Wheel (HID) errors before installing any driver updates.