PRETEC-CompactModem 3.3V 56K

Category: Network and modems
Manufacturer: Cirrus Logic
Caution Level: safe
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Operating System: Windows

Windows device driver information for PRETEC-CompactModem 3.3V 56K

PRETEC-CompactModem 3.3V 56K is the first modem card for data and fax to be produced for for PocketPC-based as well as other PDAs. It is also the smallest of such cards. Through the addition of a Compact flash adapter type I, the card has been transformed into a high- quality modem card for the PC which is used on notebook computers and other instruments which have a slot for a PC card. Among the features of this modem card is that it is founded on the K56flex technology. This technology works under the V.90 standard and the maximum rate of data transfer is 56 Kbps when using ordinary analog telephone lines. This device also supports a V.80 interface and can operate using any H. 324 system of video phones. This makes it possible to have affordable video conferencing over regular telephone lines.

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The PRETEC-CompactModem 3.3V 56K also supports DOS, PocketPC systems and Windows. This device comes in the form of a Compact flash and is therefore sometimes referred to as Compact flash modem. The 3.3V level of power consumption is very low and the product is compliant with power management which makes it energy compliant. Some of the power management features include auto sleep as well as wake-up. The PRETEC-CompactModem 3.3V 56K also has asynchronous as well as full duplex features. It can also send as well as receive fax at a rate of 14, 400 bps. It also has an auto fallback which diminishes to 300 bps. This product is also plug-n-play enabled which means that no driver updates are needed. All the user has to do is plug the device in and it is ready for use. It is easy to install and is also hot swappable. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and PRETEC-CompactModem 3.3V 56K errors before installing any driver updates.