Radeon X850 PRO

Category: Monitor and video cards
Manufacturer: ATI technologies
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 15.4 MB
Operating System: Windows NT/NT 4/XP/98/2000
Latest Version / Release Date: 9.3 / 09 Mar 2009

Windows device driver information for Radeon X850 PRO

Radeon X850 Pro is from the Radeon X850 series and is a graphics card produced by ATI technologies. Radeon X850 series is one of the greatest gaming video or graphics card to be produced by ATI. It has a maximum of 16 pipelines which is the speediest frame rate and is leading in the technological enhancement of 3D images. Thus they enable high-definition gaming. The graphics technology from Radeon X850 has dual bus configurations; the PCI Express configuration and the AGP configuration. Radeon X850 Pro is under the AGP bus configuration. Some key features of Radeon X850 include a 256 MB memory, Smartshader HD, HDTV Support, HyperZ HD, SmoothVision HD, DVD playback and DVI display support. It also has DirectX® 9.0 as well as OpenGL® 2.0 support. Thus Radeon ATI series are rich in remarkable features and the software is updated frequently for optimum functioning.

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The blockbuster features of Radeon X850 series enable it to give that ultimate power that those who are serious about gaming will require. Smoothvision HD brings together superior texture filtering and technology for 3Dc image enhancement thus providing high image quality and improved performance all at the same time. 3Dc is actually the standard of the industry in terms of supporting complex and visual effects. HyperZ HD is a technology for data compression from ATI which enables Radeon X850 to give optimum memory bandwidth to enable very fast performance as well as a high resolution. VideoShader HD enables Radeon X850 to give DVD playback and streaming of videos over the internet a revolutionary multimedia experience. The catalyst control center which comes with Radeon X850 series enables the delivery of stable software for 3D acceleration control. The Radeon X850 series products come with a three year warranty. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Radeon X850 PRO errors before installing any driver updates.