RICOH USB Virtual Com

Category: USB
Manufacturer: Ricoh Co Ltd

Windows device driver information for RICOH USB Virtual Com

The RICOH USB Virtual Com is software that is created by Ricoh Co Ltd. Generally, this USB Virtual Com software interface offers a way for computers to swap data with other equipments for any reason. A typical example of this is a modem that allows a computer to send and receive data via phone line and responds to AT commands from the computer. Other Virtual Com devices support vendor-specific commands for data acquirement, motor control and other uses. To interact with a virtual com, an application initially reserves the resource by breaching the port. For a lot of devices, an application can also take and set port parameters like bit rate, number of data bits for every word and flow-control procedures. The application reads and writes to the port as required and when it is done interacting; it closes the port to let other applications access to it.

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A USB Virtual Com like the RICOH USB Virtual COM is a software interface that allows applications to use a USB device as if it were a built-in serial port. A lot of USB Virtual Com equipments are used as bridges that convert between the RS-232 and USB or other serial interfaces. Several virtual com equipments convert between a parallel interface and USB. In some cases, the equipment may just simply read and save sensor data from an on-chip analog port and send the data to a computer through a USB. A great way to build a virtual com device is to make use of a chip like FTDI's FT232R USB UART. The chip holds all of the USB-specific interactions in the hardware and has a serial port that can border to a port built on a microcontroller. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and RICOH USB Virtual Com errors before installing any driver updates.