SAA7131 TV Card - TV Tuner

Category: Monitor & Video Cards
Caution Level: intermediate

Windows device driver information for SAA7131 TV Card - TV Tuner

The SAA7131 TV Card - TV Tuner is a computer component that aids television signals to be received by a computer system. This TV Tuner can also function as a video capture card permitting the user to save or record TV programs onto a hard disk. TV tuners are available in a lot of other interfaces like PCI bus expansion card, PCMCIA, Mini PC Express, PCI Express, USB devices, hdhomerun and HAVA. The SAA7131 TV Card - TV Tuner card has an analog to digital converter together with the demodulation interface logic. Generally, a few of very cheap cards are deficient for onboard processor and just like a Winmodem, and it will depend on the system's CPU function for demodulation. There are presently four types of tuners on the market; these are analog, digital, hybrid and combo tuners.

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There are four types of TV tuners. First is the Analog TV tuner. This type of tuner is cheaper and it outputs an unprocessed video stream. This type of tuner is appropriate for real time viewing but it needs some sort of compression if it is to be saved or recorded. Second is the Digital TV Tuner. This type of TV tuner is transmitted as an MPEG-2 stream, so encoding is no longer necessary. Instead, the digital cards give out the complete MPEG transport stream or takes out individual audio and video elementary streams. Third is the Hybrid TV tuner. It is the type of tuner that has only one tuner that can be configured to function as an analog tuner or a digital tuner. The fourth is the Combo TV tuner. It is the type of tuner that is very similar to a hybrid tuner except for the reason that there are two divided tuners on the card. One can watch analog while saving digital, or vice versa. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and SAA7131 TV Card - TV Tuner errors before installing any driver updates.