Samsung SEB-1100R PCI LAN Adapter

Category: Not classified
Manufacturer: Samsung
Caution Level: Medium
Operating System: Windows 2000
Release Date: 26 Mar 2002

Windows device driver information for Samsung SEB-1100R PCI LAN Adapter

The Samsung SEB-1100R PCI LAN Adapter is a LAN adapter. It is developed by Samsung to allow a computer system and other Samsung related devices to interface and be connected with a network. Many computers in the market these days are already installed with some sort of a LAN adapter. Others however such as some Samsung computers may require special software such as the Samsung SEB-1100R PCI LAN Adapter. For special installation, it is only accomplished with the addition of a network interface card to the computer system or via the connection of a USB port to the LAN adapter. Most networks used in home or office environments are known as the Local Area Network or LAN. This network type is used over limited geographic areas. In most cases, the LAN goes no further than the vicinity housing its main components. A LAN adapter like the Samsung SEB-1100R PCI LAN Adapter is one example that can access this network type.

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A LAN adapter such as the Samsung SEB-1100R PCI LAN Adapter can be used with either a wired or wireless network. It is however necessary to understand which type of connection and network is needed. In many cases, a wired LAN adapter cannot be used for a wireless network and vice versa. Those that require a LAN adapter but uncertain of the network type should ask first their network administrators for necessary information. Usually, a wired LAN adapter can be utilized for Ethernet connections; one of the most reliable and fastest forms of the wired network type. Because of the security and performance they provide, these adapters are often used in business or office environments. Most home users, on the other hand, use wireless LAN. Wireless LAN is very easy to configure as it requires no line of wiring. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Samsung SEB-1100R PCI LAN Adapter errors before installing any driver updates.