SEMC DSS SyncStation (COM4)

Category: Input Device
Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 355.2kb
Operating System: Windows 2K/XP
Latest Version / Release Date: 1.00.2115.0 / Dec-17-2002

Windows device driver information for SEMC DSS SyncStation (COM4)

SEMC DSS SyncStation (COM4) is used by the USB cradle to transfer or match data between the computer and mobile devices. Its software is a non essential windows process that can run in the background but it is visible as a port under device manager in the control panel. SEMC DSS SyncStation (COM4) device usually list some properties such as a bit rate of 115200 bits per second, 8 data bits, one stop bit with no control flow or parity. It is also Microsoft compliant and comes with software drivers that support 32bit and 64bit computer systems. Besides connecting to computer and synchronizing through USB port this device can also recharge mobile devices linked to it. SEMC DSS SyncStation device gives the user a wide range of options when they would like synchronization of information to happen. This could be automatic on connection, when system is idle or at scheduled times.

Outdated Drivers?

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The SEMC DSS SyncStation driver comes with the software that used by the USB desk stand. The USB cradle software installs in the program directory and the device is visible as com port under the device manager that is accessible from the control panel. When the SEMC DSS SyncStation detects a connection, it is able to synchronize data automatically between the mobile device and computer at rates of up to 115200 bits per second. SEMC DSS SyncStation device runs in the background as a non-essential windows process that gives users an option to start or stop it. Beside this communication port device transfers data in 8 bits with only one stop bit. SEMC DSS SyncStation accomplishes synchronization task by comparing items offline items and updating them with current version of information. This device can also be used to recharge some connected mobile devices. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and SEMC DSS SyncStation (COM4) errors before installing any driver updates.