Sigma Designs REALmagic64/GX PCI V2.05

Category: Monitor and video cards
Manufacturer: Sigma Designs Corp
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 0.27 MB
Operating System: Win 95A, 95B, 98, 98SE, ME
Latest Version / Release Date: 2.05 / Not available

Windows device driver information for Sigma Designs REALmagic64/GX PCI V2.05

Sigma Designs REALmagic64/GX PCI V2.05 is a video card accelerator chip which can be used both in the personal computer at the domestic situation or also for business purposes. It is an assurance of a high performance of its graphics due to its fine quality and expertise used in its creation. It is incorporated to house the following; it has a superior performance RAMDAC, a 64 bit engine for graphics acceleration, motion video acceleration hardware. In addition to this Sigma Designs REALmagic64/GX PCI V2.05 have a high quality Peripheral Component Interconnect interface and a memory interface that has been highly tuned which comes with a VGA controller. The accelerator of the Sigma Designs REALmagic64/GX PCI V2.05 definitely raises the bar as it has a high-tech engine and playback applications for motion video which offer the adequate merger of Counter Processing Unit Acceleration and hardware acceleration.

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Sigma Designs REALmagic64/GX capitalizes on balancing of the power and quality of both the hardware and software so that this merger can give the highest quality of images. In order to make it easy for the customer, Trio64V (TM) which is a group of graphics accelerators is compatible to REALmagic64/GX which has been modulated to match with this accelerator. This ensures that the performance of the graphics is high as the 64 bit capacity ensures a faster performance in acceleration than drivers from other brands by a possible twenty per cent. In order to facilitate the acceleration of decompression, the engine has a color space converter of superior quality. It also has a scaler for its hardware that ensures that scaling is vertical and horizontal. Sigma Designs REALmagic64/GX PCI V2.05 delivers not just one but many frame sizes of video playback thanks to its proprietary interruption techniques. Graphics can also be delivered at various depths of color. The advantage of this driver is that its DRAM support of one to four Megabytes enables the accelerator to get incorporated with various devices of different costs and capacity. Sigma Designs REALmagic64/GX PCI V2.05 comes enclosed in a PQFP package that is a 208 pin which complies with industry standards. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Sigma Designs REALmagic64/GX PCI V2.05 errors before installing any driver updates.