SiPix StyleCam Groove

Category: Camera
Manufacturer: NuCam Corp
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 5.36 MB
Operating System: Windows 95/XP/NT/ME/2000
Latest Version / Release Date: / 02 Dec 2009

Windows device driver information for SiPix StyleCam Groove

SiPix StyleCam Groove is a camera that is produced by Sipix Digital. SiPix StyleCam Groove is described as a versatile digital camera. It is an all in one device also providing a video conferencing camera, a PC camera plus an audio recorder. One major advantage of the SiPix StyleCam Groove has to do with the fact that it is slim and ultra compact. SiPix StyleCam Groove camera has a 1.3 mega pixel resolution that delivers vividly colorful pictures. SiPix StyleCam Groove is considered as the perfect device especially when it comes to emailing and uploading photographs to the web. In addition, users may use the camera for prints that are not more than 4 by 6 inches in dimension. SiPix StyleCam Groove is a fixed focus camera. The CCD in the camera is able to capture images of not more than 1280 by 960 pixels.

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The SiPix StyleCam Groove comes with the Sipix picture Advanced Living Image Via Enhancement (ALIVE) technology. This enables the camera to produce vibrant images that have the accurate brightness, color and contrast. In addition, the SiPix StyleCam Groove camera comes with an advanced technology that allows users to zoom and sharpen images. The device features Movie Mode as well as an inbuilt in microphone. Users can use the camera to capture a 55 second long digital video plus the accompanying audio. With an inbuilt memory of 16 MB, SiPix StyleCam Groove is capable of storing 155 photographs. The device comes inclusive of video software that allows users to comfortably make home movies and share them with their family and friends. SiPix StyleCam Groove is compatible with such instant messaging applications as Yahoo! Messenger. Users can also use the device to edit, enhance and share their photographs. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and SiPix StyleCam Groove errors before installing any driver updates.