Category: Storage and Hard drives
Manufacturer: Seagate
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 116 KB
Operating System: Windows ME/ 2000/ 98/ 2003/ XP/ Linux
Latest Version / Release Date: 7200.1 / Unkown

Windows device driver information for ST3250310AS

The ST3250310AS is one of the industries very first three point five inch drive disk that utilizes the revolutionary perpendicular technology in recording whereas it is also one of the worlds mainly proven as well as established disk desktop drive. The ST3250310AS features the interface of SATA3Gb/s with a perpendicular technology for recording a max drive with full capacity as well as reliability, which are inclusive of an eight mega byte cache buffer with ultra fast performance and superb reliability. It has a sooth whisper quiet operation with an enhanced Gforce protection that is against handling the damage, which are seventy eight mega bytes per second with a maximum that is sustained information transfer rate. It produces a clean calibration sweep, which is directed when a user is offline scanning diagnostics, with a restriction substances of hazardous complaints it has a five year warranty with it .

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The ST3250310AS has a capacity of two hundred and fifty giga bytes with an areal density of one hundred and sixty four giga bits per two inches. It also has sectors that are guaranteed of four hundred and eighty eight million three hundred and ninety seven thousand, one thousand and sixty eight. It has a speed spindle of seven thousand two hundred rpm with a latency of an average of four point sixteen mili second it also has a random seek read time of eight point five per mili second with a random seek write time of ten seconds per mili seconds with a MTBF with a seven hundred thousand hours with an annual rate of failure of zero point thirty four percent with a maximum current start with a DC of two point eighty amps with dimensions of height by width by length is 0.787 x 4.000 x 5.787 respectively. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ST3250310AS errors before installing any driver updates.