Trust 56k V9x External Modem

Category: Network & Modems
Manufacturer: Conexant Systems, Inc.
Caution Level: safe
Download File Size: 1.58Mb
Operating System: Windows NT 4, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98
Latest Version / Release Date: N/A / 07 Jan 2003

Windows device driver information for Trust 56k V9x External Modem

This software supports the model Trust 56k V9x External Modem created by Conexant Systems Inc. This device is categorized as External Modem; this is a communication device for connecting a computer to a public network like the Internet. A modem that assembles inside the computer are normally called internal modem. An external modem, on other hand, is placed in a peripheral location connected to the computer. This device has two categories depending on the type of Internet access service the user desires. These are Basic dial up and high speed broad band service; Trust 56k V9x External Modem supports these kinds of connections. This is more expensive than internal modems because it has higher specification. Professionals consider this a superior device because it has light indicator so they can identify the status of the modem. In addition, it can be moved from one computer to another though it must be connected to a COM port.

Outdated Drivers?

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Connexant System Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of external modems. It created the Trust 56k V9x External Modem. This company provides solution for imaging, video, audio and Internet connectivity devices. Connexant retains leader position in the IT solutions and other major segments. Its imaging product includes comprehensive suite of result for fax machine, multifunction printers, digital photo frames and as well as modems. They also manufacture video products, component system and system solutions for PCTV and surveillance applications like cameras. They also provide customer premises and central office tools for DSL and ADSL residential gateway with built-in wireless networking capacity and network voice applications. Other products of this company include solutions for next era of high technology on passive optical networking solutions. This company is a known semiconductor company that was established in the year 1999 and has headquarters in Newport Beach, California and branches in other countries. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Trust 56k V9x External Modem errors before installing any driver updates.